How Equifax Faced Cyber attack and survived

In 2017, the company Equifax (Equifax is an American credit reporting agency) was attacked by phishing. The attacker sent an email that appeared to be from a legitimate source, such as the CEO or a financial institution. The email contained a malicious link, which an employee clicked on. This allowed the attacker to gain access to the employee’s computer and the company’s network.
The attacker was able to steal sensitive data, such as the personal information of over 147 million people. Equifax was forced to notify its customers of the data breach and to take steps to protect its customers’ data.

👉They quickly notified their customers of the data breach.
👉They offered free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to their customers.
👉They implemented new security measures to prevent future cyberattacks.
👉They worked with law enforcement to investigate the cyberattack.

Equifax’s experience shows that even large companies can be vulnerable to cyberattacks. However, by taking steps to protect themselves, companies can increase their chances of surviving a cyberattack.

👉Have a plan in place for responding to a cyberattack.
👉Have a team of people who are responsible for cybersecurity.
👉Keep your software up to date.
👉Use strong passwords and password management.
👉Be careful about what links you click on.

By following these tips, you can help your company survive a cyberattack.

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